I get "We can't verify who created this file" for every PPT or PPTX file I open on my local network (Win 7 only, not Win 8) RRS feed

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  • I've searched around, and perhaps I've missed it, but I have a specific problem that just started today (4/1/2014).  I have 3 PCs in a local home network and they all have been sharing things fine so far.  PC1 is my main storage computer (Windows 7), another is a laptop (Windows 7) and a third is a laptop (Windows 8.1). 

    On the Windows 7 laptop, when I open Windows Explorer and navigate my way to a file I want to open (which is stored on PC1) and double click on the file to open it USED to just open using the right program (PowerPoint2007) which I have fully installed on the Win 7 laptop.  Note also that "Microsoft Office (2010)" came pseudo-loaded on the laptop, but I have set the default for all PPT and PPTX files to be opened using PowerPoint2007.  I've had a few hiccups in the past where this undesired, not-fully-loaded version tries to get in the way of me opening files with PowerPoint2007, but right now all files are set to open using PowerPoint2007.

    So I'm not going on the internet, I'm not using IE, and this is only happening with PPT and PPTX files and only on my Win 7 laptop.  DOC/DOCX and XLS/XLSX files open fine with the 2007 version of the Word and Excel respectively.  All files, including the PPT and PPTX files on PC1 are openable without trouble on the Win8 laptop with PowerPoint2007.

    Any idea why this would suddenly start happening? 

    Wednesday, April 2, 2014 4:49 PM