slow internet on XP sp3 but not on Vista in same network


  • I'm having a very strange problem. We just recently attempted a conversion to the "cloud" for all of our office workstations and servers. We very quickly realized when we went live that we were having issues with bandwidth. I ran probably hundreds of speedtests on all of the machines and they were all getting speeds of 16/3.8 on average we pay for 50/5 so I called my ISP immediately and they took a while but finally escalated the issue enough to get it resolved....sort of. I now have 2 machines in my office that are able to connect at the 50/5 speeds but the 8 other computers are still getting the same 16/3.8. I am able to connect a laptop to a patch cable at my desk and get the full 50/5 so I know that it's not any of the equipment/hardware enroute to my desk. (we also tested at the modem, switch, firewall and were able to get the full 50/5) I've connected the problem pc directly to the modem and logged on as a local administrator not connected to my server in order to completely rule out any network or hardware issues within our office.  I've added IPv6 protocol for my new network card. I have flushed the DNS and renewed my IP several times. I am running Norton Internet Security but disabling it makes no difference. I've tried starting up in safe mode with networking as a local administrator and no change. The 8 computers that are having problems are Win XP sp3 (with all updates installed) with an EVGA Nvidia nForce 680i SLI MB. (The two newer computers that are not having issues are Win Vista) I thought my network card might be the problem but I've downloaded the latest drivers and even updated the BIOS and still no change so I replaced the internal NIC with a new DLink DGE-530T with no change. I've stopped the  Remote Acces Auto Connection Manager per suggestions in similar posts, again no change.This is driving me crazy and keeping us from being able to complete our conversion. I would appreciate any input you may have as to what could possibly be the problem. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012 7:44 PM