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    Trying to find backup features.

    Clicking Windows icon and start to write "backup".....Nothing comes up.

    After googling, I go into settings and some more clicking. I get into "Backup"

    But, I get no option to backup ?? Clicking "More options" and getting a gray "Back up now" button, wtf.

    I go back to "Backup" window and click ""Add a drive" because then surely windows knows what I want I think, but no, I late find out that is actualy the drive its going to use to back up TO.

    If I put "Automarically back up my files"-slider into "On" the "Back up now" become active.
    But I do not want to do ANY automatically backup.

    What is going on here? Why cant I just backup a drive once?

    Sunday, August 27, 2017 11:36 AM

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