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  • I am using a hp desktop and I want to switch back to windows vista but I can't access the recovery disc that was saved on my other hard drive. 
    Does anyone knows how to address this problem?

    Saturday, February 7, 2009 10:13 AM

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  •  If those files were lost during the a fresh W7 install then you'll need to locate or request a set of recovery CDs from HP for your specific computer model.
    Jeff Schertz, PointBridge | MVP | MCITP: Enterprise Messaging | MCTS: OCS
    Saturday, February 7, 2009 11:21 AM
  • It is not quite clear from Your post, whether You have installed Win7 on the same partition, where
    Vista was installed, or on a different one.

    If Win 7 was installed on a different partition, then You will have the possibility
    to boot from Vista, appearing in the boot menu as "Older version of Windows"
    (or something like that).

    If You boot from Win 7 instead, You can as well reach the partition, where Vista is installed.
    The problem is that after Win 7 installation this partition becomes invisible from Win7,
    because there is assigned no letter to it. 
    To make it visible You are to assign some letter to it.
    To do this You are to start
    Control panel --> Administrative tools --> Computer management --> Storage --> Disk management.
    Click with the right mouse button on the partition with no letter assigned (probably named "Local disk")
    and choose "Change drive letter and path" from appearing menu. Then click on "Add" button and choose
    some letter for the partition.

    And if You have installed Win 7 in the same partition, where Vista was installed, You have no more
    possibility to boot from Vista, but all Vista files as well as programs and documents are saved
    in the folder "Windows.old". I doubt that Win 7 will permit to move all files and folders from Windows.old
    to the root directory. And I've found no means in Win 7 itself permitting one to uninstall it and
    to restore the previous Vista installation. So the only correct way to do this seems to start
    Wista RE environment from Vista installation DVD. This environment may be also present
    as a hidden partition on Your notebook. Toshiba notebooks have such partition ("WinRe", 1.46G),
    but I do not know, whether HP notebooks have this as well.
    Saturday, February 7, 2009 4:56 PM

    If you have an HP, you should be able to boot into the recovery partition (not to be confused with Windows recovery).  However, to access this you may need to hit <esc> or some other key to dispose of the pretty HP screen that probably appears during boot.  When there, you should be able to select your boot options and select the HP recovery option.


    If you do not have access to this partition or it got over-written by the Windows 7 installation, then you will have to contact HP to see if they can ship you a recovery DVD or set of DVDs to bring your system into its OEM, OOBE (Out Of Box Experience) state.

    Wednesday, February 11, 2009 4:40 PM