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  • Hi,

    I'm pretty much in the learning face of AppV, but have a pretty good grasp on it so far. I've come across one issue which I've been unable to figure out.

    I have two disitinct user groups. One group that needs access to a specific Office plugin (Captia) and one group which doesn't (licensing issue).

    My environment is all 2008R2 with users connecting to Remote Desktop Servers. AppV is version 4.6

    Reading the various guides to DSC i've done the following

    1. Created a sequenced version of Office 2003 SP3 (plain - no plugins).
    2. Returned my sequencer to the baseline (no installed apps). Vmware btw.
    3. Installed Office 2003 from the same installation source and with the same MST file
    4. Launched Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer and started a new package
    5. Installed the plugin to the Q: drive
    6. After clicking "End monitor" and the Sequencer looks for applications it doesn't find any. I added Excel, Word and Outlook manually (from 3.). I renamed the applications so the word Captia is included in the titles.
    7. Launched the applications and the Captia plugin appears with a pop-up message (as it's supposed to)
    8. The sequenced app is saved and copied to the AppV server
    9. The sequenced app is imported into the AppV server and rights are given to the group which holds the licenses
    10. The "CODEBASE" is copied to the "DEPENDENCIES" part of the "plain" Excel OSD file
          <CODEBASE HREF="RTSP://%SFT_SOFTGRIDSERVER%:554/CaptiaScanJour2/Captia - igen.sft" GUID="91F55797-6FD7-429A-B3E7-D77439DC52FB" SYSGUARDFILE="SJWEB.001\osguard.cp" MANDATORY="FALSE" />

    The application launches without any problems, but ALL users get the plugin. Including the ones who are not on the "allow" tab.
    If i remove the <CODEBASE> part all together noone gets the plugin so I'm quite sure the plugin gets loaded as a dependency.

    All input is appreciated :-)


    Mikkel Andreasen

    Friday, April 2, 2010 9:30 PM


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