Site is not access - after move AD groups


  • Hi,

    We are doing activities move sites and users from one domain to another domain.(ADFS involved in this)

    Issue: Site has not been accessible who are under AD groups.

    I have done move user / Ad group script, but when user(who is in AD group) login site is not accessible and shows "site has not been shared with you"

    if I check permission to that AD groups it shows in SP Visitors group.

    Please let me know the solution to access sites for AD group members.


    Friday, March 17, 2017 7:53 AM

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  • Hi Jio333,

    From your description,  Site has not been accessible who are under AD groups after moving users from one domain to another domain.

    Do you mean that the AD users can access to site while users in AD groups cannot access to the site?

    Run the following PowerShell to migrate AD Groups in SharePoint from Old Domain to New Domain:

    #Old and New Groups
    #Migrate AD Group
    $Farm = Get-SPFarm
    $Farm.MigrateGroup($OldLogin, $NewLogin)

    Run the following PowerShell to migrate AD users from one domain to another:

    Move-SPUser -Identity "DOMAIN\JaneDoe" -NewAlias "Domain\JaneSmith" -IgnoreSID 
    Migrate SharePoint Users from One Domain To Another using Move-SPUser for your reference:

    Move-SPUser for your reference:

    Best Regards,

    Lisa Chen

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