Merge on end user machine not including header/footer in output RRS feed

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  • Here's my scenario:

    1. Crop duster goes into Ag Commission office to get Bee Clearance form. He informs where he'll be spraying.

    2. Ag Comm staff input the location in an esri widget that produces a map of the location with a one mile radius circle indicating bee hive locations.  Staff exports the beekeeper data to a csv file with the name "Bee_Hives - Bee Hive Locations.csv"

    3. The csv file is saved to C:\Bees folder.

    I've created 2 merge documents in Word (MS Office Pro Plus 2013). One for the Crop Duster (Applicator) and one for the Ag Comm staff (AgCommission).  The header and footers are very similar for both documents and do not include any of the data to be merged.  In the body I have a table with fields to merge from the csv file.

    I'm using Directory merge.  When I preview, it shows the records as separate pages but when I do Finish & Merge > Edit Individual documents... it puts the records one under the other.  The table contains a header row, which gets duplicated for each record in the csv file.  I have created instructions for the staff to be able to delete the extra column header rows.  It works fine on my local machine.  I can replace the csv file by overwriting the previous version with the new version and then open the merge document and it picks up the new data just fine.

    When I share the .docx files with the Ag Commission staff, some don't have any issues (yay!), some have a problem where the data source is lost and manually locating the data doesn't fix the issue. 

    Another user can open the document, the merge finds the source but when it's time to Finish & Merge to the individual document, the header and footer doesn't come over to the new document.  This is the one I'd like help with.  The end user has Office 2010.  I tried saving the .docx to .doc but it doesn't change the outcome on her machine.  I've been searching for a solution for a couple of hours.  There are no merge fields in the header or footer.

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Eric Petersen

    BI Analyst II Tulare County Information and Communication Technology

    Tuesday, March 1, 2016 12:08 AM