Direct Access DNS warning


  • Hi,

    I have configured two direct access servers using Multisites.

    The NRPT table which been configured autmatically by DA contains 4 records (cannot be edited)

    any suffix (Cannot be edited) (Canot be edited but now it can) (cannot be edited)

    I guess along the way of adding a new entry point a change have been made to the NRPT (specifically on and now when ever i try to change anything in DA im recieiving the following error

    "Exemption entry cannot be modified or delted in the NRPT"

    "Exemption entry cannot be modified or delted in the NRPT"

    I even recieving warning in the operation status for ""

    Enterprise DNS server (::1) used by directaccess clients for name resolution are not responding.

    the strange thing is that there is no full IPV6 but only (::1). is it possible to reset the settings of the NRPT table for this record through powershell? i tried to delete it and manully adding it but whatever i do i recive the above error.

    ANy help will be appreciate it.

    Tuesday, July 10, 2018 7:34 AM