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  • Our team has recently been getting the following Internet Explorer error when they attempt to edit a column in datasheet mode - error 0x80070057.

    When you click "Ok", the updated value is retained, but not applied. Returning to normal view shows the update was not applied. However, if you edit this colulmn, receive the error, click ok and then make an update to another column in the same row, all updates are applied. It appears to be an issue with just this one column

    My company's tech support team refuses to troubleshoot this problem because the list is about 16,000 rows long. They say Microsoft's recommendation is 2,000 rows or less and that Microsoft support will not provide support for any issues relating to a list with more than 2,000 items.

    We have been able to update this column successfully in the past. This is a new error.

    I have changed the properties for the column from Date / Time to Text and then back to Date / Time. This allowed for updates to take place for about 12 hours and the error reappeared.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. 


    Saturday, June 25, 2011 3:04 PM

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  • > They say Microsoft's recommendation is 2,000 rows or less and that Microsoft support will not provide support for any issues relating to a list with more than 2,000 items.


    This is almost certainly nonsense.

    The recommendation of a limit of 2,000 items per list is nothing more than just that - a recommendation. The thought that MS would refuse support if you have more is virtually unthinkable. After all if you are using folders their recommendation is 4 million items (2000 per folder x 2000 folders per list) and the actually physical maximum is just over 5 million.


    No this seems very much to be a case of your tech support trying to avoid their responsibilities. I would contact your local Microsoft office and ask them to find out if this statement is really true.


    Note that MS *strongly recommend* that you don't access the databases directly but even so they still offer support on such installation provided you have not amended anything when doing so (i.e. they strongly recommend not reading from the databases but will not then remove support. (and that was *strongly* recommend. this is a much lower level)


    Mike Walsh (SP MVP 2002 - 2010)

    SP 2010 "FAQ" (mainly useful links): http://wssv4faq.mindsharp.com/default.aspx
    WSS3/MOSS FAQ (FAQ and Links) http://wssv3faq.mindsharp.com/default.aspx
    Both also have links to extensive book lists and to (free) on-line chapters
    Saturday, June 25, 2011 4:02 PM
  • Thanks Mike for the support. We are not happy with our Tech Support group, which is the reason for this post. Being part of a large corporation, I don't have access to Microsoft support directly.

    An update - The column in question (a Date/Time column) is referenced as part of a calculation in other columns.

    I added three columns to this list - all Date/Time. The first column is included as part of a calculation in third column. The second is just stand alone

    I am able to update the second column with no error. I receive the error when I update the first column.

    I also added a completely new list and added the same three columns. I can edit both column one and two with no error. The initial load of the list was 450 rows.

    I then added 4,000 rows to the new list. (glutton for punishment!) - I am able to edit both columns still

    One last test - I am able to update other columns that are not Date/Time but are included in a calculation

    Since we were able to update this column before, something has changed ... Any further thoughts?


    Sunday, June 26, 2011 3:13 AM
  • Hi GeneMak,


    According to your description of this issue, I found a similar thread, could you please try the solution there, maybe you can solve your problem by this:



    Thanks & Regards,

    Peng Lei

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    Monday, June 27, 2011 1:50 AM
  • Peng Lei -

    Yes, I've already seen that posting. A couple of things - that is a combo box, not a Date/TIme field. Secondly - as an end user, I do not have access to the schema defnitions and cannot turn on logging. My tech support group is responsilble for that. And since they won't support us - I was hoping there might be something that can be done from the end-user side of things.

    The article you mentioned did prompt us to change the properties of the column from Date/Time to single line text and then back again. After restoring the data into that column (we lost it when we made the changes), we were able to edit the column in datasheet mode for about 12 to 18 hours before the error showed up again.

    Thanks for research and the help!

    Monday, June 27, 2011 10:44 AM
  • This is not an answer to our issue -

    Throughout the week, the error has come and gone without any changes from the project team.

    As I have posted below, the above article provide some further information, but did not provide a solution.

    Since we continue to have this error, albeit not continuously, I would be very interested in any other thoughts or suggestions.


    Friday, July 1, 2011 11:59 AM