Project 2013 Budget cost calculations RRS feed

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  • I have created a budget cost and work resource and assigned them to the project summary task and entered the hours and cost I am budgeting for. I have added the budget cost and budget work fields to the task usage view. What I would like to do now is to add a custom cost field to calculate the budget cost - the cost and the budget work - the work so I can easily see whether it is at negative or positive level, and then even to do a custom field graphical  indicator that gives a red dot when the amount in my custom cost field is negative and another to show a red dot if the work custom duration(?) field is negative. I have create a custom cost field and once the field is added it returns 0 and so I can't see how I could create the graphical indicator unless this works, and the same when I try a custom field which I assume would be duration as there is no custom work type to calculate budget work - work I get 0days. I hope this makes sense to someone, I have trawled the web and have got nothing close, I read something about marking each resource with a custom field as to which budget they are associated with, but I can't work out how I would do this either. Any help appreciated...Thanks

    Melissa Bone

    Friday, February 7, 2014 2:22 PM