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    I currently have a number of installations using POS Ready & I seem to be having problems with VNC remote desktop. Essentially, the remote clients with POS Ready do not respond to remote desktop requests, yet on some instances they do (< 10%)

    The connection to the client often ends up with a "An error occurred while trying to connect to the client: Connection failed" message. Now I have a number of potential issues and I need to know if VNC should work with POS Ready out the box. Troubleshooting is proving testing as for starters half my clients are on 3G internet which means this could be the problem area some of the time, however 3 units are part of a LAN and have good internet connectivity and they show the same problem too.

    Now I am wondering if my image may be somehow corrupt but given the amount of factors I really just need to know if POS Ready can handle VNC!



    Thursday, March 3, 2011 3:17 PM


  • Craig,

    POSReady 2009 comes with RDP capabilities and you should be able to use the included Remote Desktop and Remore Assistance features of the Windows platform just fine so long as you have the Terminal Services optional component enabled on your systems.  You can check which optional components you have enabled through Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs - Add/Remove Windows Components.  I would think we should verify that this capability works first then if you are using a 3rd Party VNC solution that would be another step and you may need to engage with that vendor to understand why that solution is not responding.  It is entirely possible that it would require more optional components than just Terminal Services to be working, such as Accessories - Utilities or Management and Monitoring Tools. 

    If you can get Remote Desktop working as expected then you might try adding all of the optional features of POSReady 2009 to see if it affects the way your VNC is working.  Just note that adding the optional features may introduce other functionality that could allow hackers to access sensitive material on your system such as credit card information that you will need to safeguard against.

    Terry Warwick

    Terry Warwick Microsoft
    Friday, March 4, 2011 3:18 PM