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  • I've got a couple of questions on w8.1 'repair' process

    1) I've just updated my sony pc from w8 to 8.1 but I have noted that the files in folder c:\ESD are the same as before (I mean they are files from previous w8 installation). my concern is that in case of need for w8.1 refresh/repair etc I may fail. I found this warning in various forums and I followed the tricky way for "Upgrading Windows with only a product key" (start downl w8 with genuine w8 key, stop, start downl w8.1): success, I have now an w8.1 ISO file and my ESD folder is updated. But the question remain: does this guarantee me that in case of need I will be able to refresh/repair my w8.1 installation ? or: in case of w8.1 key request, my genuine w8 key, will work?

    2) same concern on my daughter new acer pc: bought with w8, recently updated to 8.1. But in this case I have not the w8 key, being a OEM w8, so I can't use the previous trick. The pc has a recovery partition, but using that one I will reinstall 'acer' w8 and then I need to re-downl w8.1 (4 to 8 hours!!) and so on. in this case the question is: can my ESD folder (in the sony PC) be copied on the acer PC? I meaan: will this work? or may I use the ISO (obtained for the sony PC) as a repair disk for the acer?

    Please let me know the best way to have both w8.1 PC in a safe condition (ability to run the refresh/repair process)

    I'm not happy of this way of upgrading from 8 to 8.1

    thanks, fabio

    Friday, October 25, 2013 9:20 PM


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