Roaming and Local Profile Issue


  • I'm asking this due to our IT department stating there was an issue with no work around, but I haven't been able to find any mention online about it, when searching to see if a fix is being worked on. So I apologize if I use some incorrect terminology.

    The organization uses both thin clients, and standard desktop computers for our classified computers. The majority of people have thin clients, so they don't have to deal with toting around a hard drive, but a few like myself, need a desktop computer because the application we need to use isn't available through the server. I recently got setup with the desktop, and that is when I experienced the following issue:

    1. I put in the hard drive, and boot up the computer.
    2. I log in with a smart card
    3. Windows states that I have been logged on with a temporary profile, and has no user data at all
    4. I log out
    5. I log back in with the smart card
    6. Windows states that I have been logged on with a temporary profile, but my user data is available. We have a network homedrive that is available and everything for my user profile is available (documents, desktop, etc)
    7. I open any application (outlook, etc) and it is like I am opening it for the first time ever
    8. I finish up for the day and turn off the computer completely
    9. Process starts back again at 1 the next day

    The IT department told me that there was a change in Windows Server 2012 that doesn't allow having both a roaming and local profile. They could set me up with a local profile, but then I wouldn't be able to log into any of the thin clients that are in various conference rooms. The local Windows install is for Windows 7 Pro.

    I have noticed that sometimes applications can't get access to my network homedrive for some reason, so I end up using /Users/Public a lot in that case. Also in the /Users folder are a few folders with TEMP in their name and some numbers (TEMP001).

    I have found references all over the internet for having both a local and roaming profile. Is there something I'm missing here? Does the behavior sound like a familiar issue to anyone?

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