Problem on date with the request builder


  • Hello all,

    I have a problem actually with the query builder of PowerPivot for excel. My version number is 11.0.2100.60.

    When i put a where with the query builder (not in the sql code) on a date, and when i put the value of the filter, there is a format problem.

    For exemple, i put MyTable.MyDate "Is Greater Than"   23.05.2011

    When i click on Ok, in the sql code there is : WHERE  MyTable.MyDate >= N'05/23/2011 00:00:00'

    But in sql language, the date will be 23/05/2011 (and if i change that in the sql code it work)

    And if i put "Is Greater Than"   05.23.2011, i can't click on OK.

    I think it's a problem with the date format in regional parameter, i'm on french parameter.

    A solution to change it on the query builder and not in the sql code (because if i change the code i lost the query builder)?

    Thanks a lot!

    Wednesday, April 25, 2012 3:10 PM


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