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  • I've read lots of questions and discussions on the subject without success.  Not being a very smart network person, I need someone to PLEASE walk me thru setting up the Remote Desktop connection (without leaving out any steps assuming I 'knew or should have known something').

    I have an XP Pro at the office.  Internet is provided by Comcast in my two-person office.  I have a cable modem at the demarcation point (where the cable comes into the office).  That connects to my desk where it goes to a hub that allows me to connect the PC and the printer.

    Instructions for Remote Desktop tell me to use my FQDN.  I look up the PC name and it is only the simple "officepc" name given when the PC was first set up.  I go to cmd and ipconfig tells me the IP is 192.168.xx.xx.  I'm pretty sure that's just an inside private IP.  I've read some info on port forwarding but do not know if that applies to me.  I'm pretty sure this has something to do with not being able to see the PC, only the cable modem.

    If someone can tell me STEP-BY-SPECIFIC-STEP how to contact that XP Pro PC from my Win7HomePremium notebook PC it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance -- for sure!

    Saturday, September 24, 2011 6:31 PM


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  •   To connect through the Internet you have to use a registered public IP. Your PC is on a private network, so you cannot connct to it directly across the Internet.

      Port forwarding is a method to allow you to connect to a public IP and forward the traffic to a machine on the private LAN. In your case you would set this up to forward the RDP protocol to the IP of your PC on the private LAN.

      There is no way that someone could give you a step by step for this on the information you have given. We would need to know what device is between the PC and the Internet connection. There must be some device (a "router") which is issuing the PC with its private IP and which is allowing this private IP to access the public network. That is where the port forwarding is done. We would also need to know what the public IP of this device is and whether this is static or dynamic. This is the IP which you have to use to connect remotely to your private network.

    Saturday, September 24, 2011 11:22 PM
  • I know this post is old, but i was searching for answers to why my RDP connection won't work. This may help you though if you haven't figured it out yet:


    Good Luck!


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