Direct Access - AWS/Server 2016 /IPv6


  • Hi all,

    Building out a staging AD environment in AWS

    I'd like to deploy multisite (without load balancing) and use manage out functionality. at this point it's my understanding that IPv6 is required. (this is deployed on the AWS VPC)

    If i build an IPv4 (single nic)  Direct Access server i can connect a client using ODJ browse to shares and the client registers correctly in DNS

    If i build an combined IPv4/6 (single nic) DA server and join a client the following behavior is observed

    On client reboot the message you could not be signed in because the domain is not available

    I can however login to the client using domain credentials

    The client shows in the remote access console as connected via IP/HTTPs

    The DA troubleshooting tool shows that infrastructure tunnels are not established, however user tunnels are

    The logs show that endpoint has been connected to, but there is no response from endpoint

    also unable to connect to sysvol.

    Certs are valid

    Can anyone assist ?

    Thursday, March 1, 2018 4:32 PM