Switching to a brand new domain


  • Hi there,

    I recently started working for this company that is still running an old SBS2003 server as their primary DC.
    This machine is giving a lot of errors, due to mistakes made in the past.

    My plan is to create a whole new domain, start afresh, and, recreate and reorganize the whole thing so we can be running a clean and nice environment.

    So far, so good... :)

    My question would be whether it is possible, and, what the best practices would be, to setup a second domain on my existing network, however, assign a different IP-range to my new domain as obviously otherwise I would have trouble with DHCP and DNS.

    Can I just simply create a new Virtual Machine, install Windows Server 2012, make Windows Server 2012 a DC and create a new domain, or, am I missing certain bits and pieces?

    Hope you guys can help out!

    Thanks in advance.

    Tuesday, October 01, 2013 2:51 PM