failed to enumerate shares on S2D SOFS RRS feed

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  • Hello. We have a virtual S2D SOFS 2-node cluster to provide shared storage for some workloads (like RDS UPD, shared VHDX etc.).

    We want to backup the VHDX stored on this file cluster, so we've installed DPM agent on both nodes, attached the agent to DPM. However when I want to enumerate the shares on the cluster, it doesn't show any of them. When I click Refresh in DPM, it does a refresh, but doesn't show anything:

    DPM agent is running as LocalSystem, I've tried restarting the agent.

    While the refresh was in progress, I checked the DPM agent error log and one particular error looked interesting:

    149C 10DC 11/02 10:08:15.723 03 clusterutil.cpp(2112) [000000BC49BFDBE0] 3856D0FA-9377-4849-BDFE-B14BAB99937C NORMAL Finding Resource Group for CSV volume \\?\Volume{ab95dac2-4a9a-463f-bfc0-40f418ca439b}\
    149C 10DC 11/02 10:08:15.730 61 mountpointutil.cpp(101) 3856D0FA-9377-4849-BDFE-B14BAB99937C WARNING Failed: Hr: = [0x80070057] FindFirstVolumeMountPoint failed for [\\?\Volume{ab95dac2-4a9a-463f-bfc0-40f418ca439b}\]
    149C 10DC 11/02 10:08:15.736 03 clusterutil.cpp(2426) [000000BC49BFE4A0] 3856D0FA-9377-4849-BDFE-B14BAB99937C WARNING Failed: Hr: = [0x8007001f] Either the volume \\?\Volume{f3680c92-8686-4803-8caa-73ad9eb28455}\ is offline or the volume is not a clustered disk.

    The volume GUID corresponds to the CSV volume. The volume is online and is ofcourse a clustered disk (since it's a CSV).

    Any idea why this is happening and how to solve it?

    DPM 2016 UR2. I know there's UR4 out, but none of the resolved issues seem to have anything to do with this problem.

    S2D SOFS nodes are WS2016 Standard.

    Thursday, November 2, 2017 10:32 AM

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