Exchagne 2010 DAG recovery scenario


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    I was looking for some advise and assistance with our Exchange 2010 SP3 DAG environment.  We have a 2 node dag in our main site, and a 3 member in our D.R site which is using a separate A.D site and Vlan.

    I was looking to see what the easiest method to recover a situation where we have a Dag server which hosts database copies which are not active.  Say for example this is the only Exchange server available, we can restore the server which is fine, however A.D and Exchange don't see this as the active copy so I cannot mount the database. Is there a way to make this active without too much trouble. 

    I have found that I can use Eseutil to check the log files and get the database into a clean shutdown. I can then create a new database and point this to this database. I then move Exchange mailbox details to this new database. I believe this may be database portability.

    Any other simple alternatives would be appreciated. I know this is an unusual situation, however its one we need to plan for.

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    Monday, November 18, 2013 9:24 AM


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