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  • am down to using the last 5 numbers of my register win8 copy for an admin password.  not sure how i GOT here, but while i'm here, the native drivers (Microsoft preferred ATI) are STILL craching the HP desktop (despite thorough and initial removal of bogware) AND i need to be able to report the bugs again like did w/the two betas.  AND i applied for a position that i might get to by train eventually, if the healthcare system in Utah doesn't kill me first. 

    SO .......... my issue is that upon install of the new 8, and working to re-establish a dual-boot system on the one remaining good internal harddrive i have available, the initial load of immersive start screen did NOT include the necessary TILE for IE immersive.  we were calling it something else, but a recent hospital trip fried my head.  it should have been there, though.  new profile and everything.

    was going to maybe try opening yet one more profile on this machine and this version, but going to hold off because am down to using the email that i have for my one up and running website (www.fit2c.com).  since i am a published author, as well as a windows fan and techie ......... it's kinda like i'm fracked in ALL my home business and then have to buy the wheel chair i can't afford to go back to the University i CAN afford since the government gave me a free ride years ago.  (please don't hire me, btw --- the taxes would break me!  haha).

    eebrinker aka binky 54321



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    Monday, April 15, 2013 3:15 AM


  • Hi,

    You can follow the steps belwo to reinstall Internet Explorer 10 and see if it helps.
    a: Press windows logo + Q to open the search box.
    b: Click Settings, then type Turn Windows features on or off, hit enter.
    c: Now remove the check mark from Internet explorer 10 and click ok.
    d: Restart the computer.
    e: Now place a check mark on Internet explorer 10 and click ok.
    f: Restart the computer.

    Tracy Cai
    TechNet Community Support

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