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  • Hi,


    Please be gentle with me, as although I have been building PC's for a number of years and have built over 50 in the past years, I have never done this for anything other than fun so have not used OPK tools etc in the past as the PC's were for gaming mates or office use only.


    I am however now being asked to build more and more Hi-Spec gaming machines and as these could be for a profit (even if very small) I feel I really must now comply fully with the OEM licence stuff and start to add information on support etc to installs.


    I have had great fun  this weekend working out the sue of the new release OPK tools to create an answer file and finall do an unattended install of Vista, but I am totally lost by the explanation on how to upgrade an image to include SP1!!


    So my question may be daft, but go easy on me.


    My question is simply, that if as I have done, I do an unattended install of Vista, then from audit mode as administartor I upgrade the installation to SP1 and install some specific graphics/chipset/sound drivers, can I not now simply capture an image of that Vista install to then have a complete SP1 image to then deploy???


    Sorry if this has been covered before, but my question seems so simple and would avoid the hugely complicated process that the system builder site describes for upgrading an image to SP1??





    Sunday, February 24, 2008 1:18 PM


  • After sysprepping machine, boot to WinPE.


    net use z: \\server_ip(or server_name)\shared_folder  and enter credentials


    imagex /compress fast /flags "Version_of_Vista" /verify /capture c: z:\ImageName.wim "Description"




    version of vista would be "Ultimate" as an example and you need the quotes.

    You also need to add description in quotes at the end of your image name.


    As far as SP1 is concerned, I have not messed with it yet, but other updates you use will stay with the image.

    Monday, February 25, 2008 2:50 PM