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  • I am just setting up SteadyState and so far it is going well but I have a couple of questions 
    On the Welcome screen the admin profile appears even though I checked the box that requires you to enter CTRL ALT DEL twice.
    I have a backgound in the admin profile but when I go to my public access profile the screen is the default DELL. How can I choose a background?
    When I enter my public access profile I get a message that says command prompt is shut off check with admin...  Do I want the command prompt on?  For the public access profile I choose the High restrictions default with a few minor changes like print ability, so I think command prompt was defaulted off.
    Thanks for your help
    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 5:17 PM



    Hi Jeanne,


    Thank you for posting here!


    #1: On the Welcome screen the admin profile appears


    You can configure the following restrictions:


    Set Computer Restrictions\Privacy Settings\Do not display user name in the Log On to Windows Dialog box

    Set Computer Restrictions\Security Settings\Remove the administrator user name from the Welcome screen



    #2: How can I choose a background?


    You can perform the following steps to change the wallpaper:


    1. Log on with admin account. Open SteadyState and then the public user profile.

    2. Under General tab, make sure your public user profile is not locked. (Temporarily unlock it if it has been)

    3. Uncheck the following restrictions:


    Under Windows Restrictions -> Start  Menu Restrictions:


     “Remove the Control Panel icon”


    Under General Restrictions:


    “Prevent right-click in Windows Explorer”

    “Prevent access to Windows Explorer features: Folder Options, Customize Toolbar, and the My Documents folder”


    4. Log into the public user account and change wallpaper.


    Note: BMP image is suggested, as JPG file may not be saved if you configure other restrictions later.


    5. Log off and log on again to verify the settings.

    6. Log on with admin to restore above restriction changes.



    #3: Command prompt


    I recommend we disable this feature to secure the computer. If you would like to enable it, please uncheck the following restriction:


    [Windows Restrictions\General Restrictions\Prevent access to the command prompt]


    If anything is unclear, please feel free to let me know.


    Best Regards,

    Thursday, November 29, 2007 3:40 AM