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  • Hello -

    I'm able to preview documents with Word and Excel Web App in several sites, however, in one site all of the documents are giving the following errors.    I rebooted the Office Web App Server but had no luck.

    Word Web App

    Excel Web App

    EDIT:  just found the following in the ULS logs.  Investigating.

    Area     : SharePoint Foundation
    Category : Authentication Authorization
    Level    : Medium
    EventID  : aib35
    Message  : SPShareByLinkHandler.Initialize : Not a ShareByLink request -
               missing access token

    Area     : SharePoint Foundation
    Category : WOPI
    Level    : Medium
    EventID  : amrzt
    Message  : WOPI endpoint after encoding:

    Area     : SharePoint Foundation
    Category : Claims Authentication
    Level    : Exception
    EventID  : aj0os
    Message  : Exception occurred while creating an SPIdentityContext from
               SPUserToken '847c78de0000000034000000efeeebea030000000c0000000000000
               System.NotSupportedException: Can not create an identity context
               for system account user token.     at Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityM
               odel.SPIdentityContext.Create(SPUserToken token, Boolean
               isShareByLinkGuestUser) StackTrace:  at onetnative.dll:
               offset=28EE2) at onetnative.dll: (offset=15735)

    Area     : SharePoint Foundation
    Category : Unified Logging Service
    Level    : Monitorable
    EventID  : c91s
    Message  : Watson bucket parameters: Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 4,
               ULSException14, 269cd32d "sharepoint foundation", 0f0011d9
               "15.0.4569.0", 1f65804a "microsoft.sharepoint", 0f00132f
               "15.0.4911.0", 58a2a512 "tue feb 14 01:34:58 2017", 0000a4b5
               "0000a4b5", 00000036 "00000036", 760a1423 "notsupportedexception",
               0025a392 "aj0os"

    Area     : SharePoint Foundation
    Category : WOPI
    Level    : Unexpected
    EventID  : ajc39
    Message  : WOPIFrame - Unhandled exception: System.NotSupportedException: Can
               not create an identity context for system account user token.     
               at Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.SPIdentityContext.Create(SPUse
               rToken token, Boolean isShareByLinkGuestUser)     at
               user)     at Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.OAuth2.SPOAuth2Secur
               ityTokenManager.IssueLoopbackTokenString(Uri endpointAddress,
               SPUser user, String applicationContext, DateTime& validTo)     at
               Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SPWOPIHost.GetAccessToken(SPWeb web,
               Guid uniqueId, String proofKeyId, SPUrlZone zone, SPBasePermissions
               perms, Boolean hasEditLicense, Int64& ttl)     at
               file, String proofKeyId, SPUrlZon...

    Area     : SharePoint Foundation
    Category : General
    Level    : Monitorable
    EventID  : aat87
    Message  : An error has occurred on the server.

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  • Just wanted to post an update for this in case anyone else runs into similar problems. 

    I logged a case with Microsoft and we were able to narrow down the cause of this issue.   Apparently there's a bug with the March 2017 CU where a space in the subsite name will cause the problem that we're experiencing.  Even though we were on the Feb 2016 CU, it's more than likely that a recent Windows patch update pushed the March CU to us.  

    I have tested this by created two subsites:  one with space in URL, the other without, and added the same documents to both.  The one with a space failed every time, while OWA worked perfectly fine on the other.    The bug is fixed in June 2017 CU and later.  

    We will install the June 2017 CU per Microsoft recommendation and I will update and let you know if that worked.


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