Powershell Help for a Response group RRS feed

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  • I am wondering if someone can point me to some good help in creating a interactive response group via the powershell. I am trying to create what should be a pretty straight forward interactive response group however the web interface to creating this is limited and I do need to use the powershell to create.

    Without the full details  - using the web interface step # 7  will play a voice recording that basically says press 1 for support  - press 2 or sales - press 3 for company directory. ( response 1 )  will have the response support and the assigned key of 2 - (Response 2) will also have a voice response and an assigned key 2 for sales

    Response 3  - I have selected Ask another question which will  play another voice recording - that includes the company directory. Here I need to add 9 responses - web interface only allows 4

    So How do I do all this in the powershell?

    Friday, October 12, 2012 4:02 PM


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