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  • The ultimate goal is to be able to access my intranet in my small business from a remote location. When I'm at the store, I can access the network through 'My Computer' and see my networked printer and files saved on the server. I want to be able to access this network from remote locations so I can then print to my store and work on projects I have saved on my server. I will be working from my laptop at different locations, home, school, hotels etc. so from what I understand my IP address will keep changing. If I'm correct this means I have to start a VPN and open a DMZ. If anyone else knows how to do this differently, please let me know.
    I set up a VPN at my store on my work computer and set it up on my Laptop using the VPN wizard in windows. But I'm running into problems getting through my router. I have Windows Vista Business on my work PC and windows 7 home on my laptop. The internet comes in through an Actiontec Gateway GT701-WG and goes into a Belkin F9K1102 v1000 router before going to my work computer. Belkin support sent me instructions to enable the DMZ and set up the virtual server ports. I think I just about have that right, still trying to understand the inbound port info they gave me because it was translated into english by a computer program. They said to enable four inbound ports then gave me a bunch of numbers:
    TCP 1723 PPTP 443 SSL 10000 
    UDP 1701 L2TP, 500, 50 & 51
    Written just like that in the email. I recognize the TCP and UPD, do i just use the 1723 and 1701 and what are the rest of the numbers? Do I need to set up a DMZ on the gateway too? Any help would be appreciated.
    Friday, September 7, 2012 9:58 PM

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  • You're better off reposting in a more appropriate forum.  This one is for Virtual Server 2005, which is an end-of-life virtualization program...it is not related to VPNs.

    Monday, September 10, 2012 7:56 PM