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  • I have an HP 110-243W computer.  purchased in 2015.  preloaded bundle software , windows 8.1  .  Was upgraded to free windows 10 software two days after purchase.   I have been trying to fix  this for three years. 4 days after purchase i contacted HP and did my due dilligence of 3 attempts at 8, 15, and 6 hour marathons with tech .  through the years i have attempted troublshooting to fix this.  I even had a relative , IT try to remotely reload to fix.   Nothing works.   Troubleshooting has determined that i have a corrupted file, likely the imaging digital certification oem verification process.   I cant update anything because the digital windows 10 copy cant be read.   I have registerd and my system reflects that my windows 10 is active.  

    Most recently i am getting an error code from HP system software support, of 1900107.   I cant find this code in Microsoft website. My event log is a poster for system crashing. 

    I have attempted to contact HP and Microsoft in hopes of getting a cd of the my system so i can reload it.  I have the reciept and they have the call logs showing my problems.  as im out of warrenty Im out of the money I spend for this system. I have 0 skills with regard to computers , i am old school trained and do not know the language to fix this.  while i have learned a lot in three years, its not enough.  

    i am wonding if anyone knows what this error code is, how to fix it, and if there is another way i can get a hard copy of the software i paid for since the digital copy is corrupted, and i have the event logs and have done my due dilligence,

    Tuesday, October 31, 2017 2:41 AM

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