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  • Hi,

    Looking for some clarification on setting up AD sync for resources and users.

    I have a project online AND a project server environment (don't ask...) so this will apply to both.

    If I set up AD sync for resources:

    1. Are out of the box fields the only ones that we are able to sync, or can custom fields be synced also (assuming info available in AD)
    2. If only out of the box fields; once a resource is synced, is it possible to manually update custom fields? or will these keep getting removed again on each sync?
    3. If custom fields cannot be synced, what is the best way to input a 'role' for generic resource matching?
    4. Are resources automatically added as users also?
    5. If the resource IS a user, and we have AD sync for the user groups into security groups do those people need to be synced twice?
    6. What happens to resources when they leave the org? Are they marked inactive or ignored? I have read what appeared to be conflicting answers on this question... maybe it changed in previous version?
    7. For all the resources currently in the database, will they be automatically synced or will we end up deleting everyone and re-adding? How will we map them to the current resource so as not to wipe them all from people's plans.

    Thanks so much to anyone who can help me on this.

    Thursday, March 10, 2016 3:03 AM


  • Hi Jessica,

    That's a lot of questions, let me try getting an answer on all of them. I'm just going to ignore the Project Online / Project server remark ;-).

    First of, I would like to give you links to 3 very important TechNet articles that you should read if you want to know more about AD-syncing:

    Best practice:

    Resource pool sync:

    Security groups sync:

    Take special care to read and understand the best practice link, that will help you a great deal.

    Now on to my understanding of the tools and answering your specific questions:

    1: To my knowledge there is a limited amount of fields that gets synced: Resource Name, e-mail and Log-in. But there is no way to get custom fields over to Project Server.

    2: Yes it is possible to change the fields by hand, the sync will not overwrite.

    3. The way I do it is by creating a custom look up table and resource custom field on Project Server, you can select a checkbox telling the server that this look up table/field should be used to match resources.

    4. As described in the best practices link above there are 2 different sync solutions. The User sync will create a user and resource, the resource pool sync doesn't create users.

    5. No, please have a look at the links for a clear understanding about the correct way to do a  AD-Sync for resources that are also users.

    6. Unclear about the current situation. Here is another post describing issues with deleted AD-members:

    7. Have another look at the links, the solution is described there :)

    Hope this helps,


    Friday, March 11, 2016 6:50 AM