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  • hi! I have some questions about Proclarity Dashboard and Web Professional.

    1. When I click to Analyze Dashboard and then clikck launch Web Professional from any computer that not the server, there 2 case I found, 
    first, the error message appear
    second, the log in window will appear but I can't log in to it. I have tried every username i known but it still incorrect. :(
    What should I do?

    2. Can I add the link(http://)  into the Dashboard? How?

    3. Can I use the Dashboard with other Webservice? Please guide me how to do this.

    4. Is it possible to customize dashboard for each user? For example, the manager of department AAA loged in, The dashboard'll show dashboard that select AAA department data for default (in drop-down list), but he can also view other deparments data too.

    5. I want to show the Dashboard on mobile phone. Is there an auto adjust function to match the mobile screen?

    Thanks in advance :)

    Monday, March 30, 2009 5:17 AM

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  • 1.  Does the same thing happen when you access PAS directly and choose to open the Web Pro, or just when you go through the Dashboard?  What's the error you see?

    2.  Not sure what you mean for this question.  Can you elaborate?

    3.  The Dashboard has the ability to add a URL view, so anything that is accessible via URL can be added to the Dashboard.

    4.  You'll likely want to use a default member on the cube to handle this.

    5.  I'm not aware of anyone having ported the Dashboard to a mobile device, but it certainly would be an interesting project.
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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009 11:34 PM
  • Thank you for your attentions.
    Hello, I'm SmilE777's friend. She went for holiday. So I reply here.

    1. It occer both when we acees via dashboard and PAS. It said "Could not log in to the 'xxx' server. Please check the user name and password and try again". We've tried every username and password we known. It does's work.

    2. We can do that. Thank you anyway.

    3. I don't know much about web service. So don't worry.

    4. Can we set default member for each usergroup?

    5. Ok.
    Thursday, April 2, 2009 8:06 AM
  • Are you accessing the Web Pro from the extranet?  The Pro makes a direct connection to the cube, so if just PAS is exposed to a public ip, you can launch the Web Pro, but when it tries to connect to the cube, if the cube isn't also exposed via something like HTTP access, you won't be able to connect.  Could this be what you're seeing?

    Yes, you should be able to set the default member by group.
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    Wednesday, April 8, 2009 11:59 PM