MAK activation for Office 2010


  • If I reinstall Office 2010 then it asks for the activation again.

    Does this mean that I would be using one more MAK license?

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010 7:39 AM


  • The short answer is yes.  If you're using MAK activation, then your MAK key has an associated number of activations on it, e.g. 100.  On initial install and activation, you use up an activation, leaving you with 99.  If you re-activate either due to re-installing/re-imaging, then that will leave 98 activations left.

    If your scenario calls for many re-installations, then I would suggest using the VAMT 2.0 tool.  Search for the instructions for proxy activation from the Help menu of VAMT (the VAMT video shows this step-by-step -- click on the link to videos in the Announcements section of this forum up above).  During activation with Microsoft, VAMT will capture the confirmation ID Microsoft's activation servers send back to you.  In the future, when you need to re-activate, use VAMT to deposit the confirmation ID.  This will allow you to re-activate without having to contact Microsoft's activation servers.

    This scenario only works if your hardware doesn't change (i.e. you are re-installing on the same computer).

    VAMT 2.0:

    Ted Way [MSFT], Program Manager, Microsoft Office: Enterprise Licensing, Group Policy, and 64-bit Office
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