Exchange 2007 Submission Message Queue - At a complete loss! RRS feed

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  • I am in the process of migrating our old Exchange 2007 Server (On windows 2003 x64), onto a fresh Exchange 2007 Server on Windows 2008 R2 (This is due to the current exchange server I inherited being on a DC/GC!), so I can tidy up everything ready for a migration to 2013 etc...

    Both exchange servers have been running fine, until this morning when one of the drives in the old server failed, luckily it is Raid 5 with a spare, so had to down and remove the faulty drive properly to halt rebuild of bad drive and make sure the spare was active/running correctly as needed.

    All mail is sending and receiving ok, except that in the submissions queue there are emails that are going no where, all valid, both internal and external.

    The submission queue is showing as delivery type undefined, and the emails in the queue all show as suspended. When right clicking on the emails in question there is no option for resume.

    I have gone through all the basic troubleshooting, including the following

    • Restarting the transport service
    • IIS Reset
    • PowerShell to resume/retry queue as well documented on the web
    • AV is not scanning the Exchange folders as per Best Practice
    • Mail Flow Trouble-shooter shows queue problem but then recommends no action at all
    • Googled every article on PowerShell and Exchange Submission Queue  I can find and tried more incarnations of search to try and find solution but to no avail
    • Thrown kitchen sink and every other item I can think of at it and meh nothing

    Users are not affected with mail sent before the server crash/after the crash, OWA is working fine, and mail in and out via our third party service is fine, I can also look at all mail sent internally and externally as we have journaling with our third party service and the ones stuck in the submissions queue have not been sent, but all other mail is currently fine.

    I have looked at trying to export them out of the queue but there is quite a lot and have not found a way to do a mass export/reimport into a queue.

    At a total loss, and their are important emails in there, that need to go and do not want to lose them.

    Any ideas/suggestions gratefully appreciated, I have little hair as it is lol

    Cant afford to lose any more!


    Wednesday, September 23, 2015 8:57 PM