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    I am having a problem with IE 11 on certain websites that use scripting.  The main one is ADP's workforce now (  When it works as expected the site takes 3-5 seconds from the time you click on the login link to when it displays the portal.  When it doesn't work, it takes about 16 seconds.  If the initial page load was the only area it was slow we could live with it probably but its slow on scripted events throughout the site.  Things like in the timecard area when somebody punches in a schedule it doesn't display and if they put it in again and come back it has duplicated the schedule by finally updating and showing up properly.

    We are a one browser company and IE is it for us for a couple of reasons.  I did test it with chrome however and it doesn't have the issues that IE does. 

    I am pretty sure its something to do with a group policy setting but I can't be sure exactly which.  We have policies in an GPO for IE 8-9 and another for IE10 and I have duplicated those settings over into an IE11 type GPO as they are handled differently in group policy for IE11.  If a user hasn't ever logged into a machine and they have the standard OLD policy, they get the settings and site performance is slow.  If I move them to the NEW GPO with the duplicated settings its fast, as long as they haven't logged into the machine before.  If they have logged into a machine and had the old settings its not fixed unless I delete the profile out and sign them back in as if they were logging in for the first time.

    The way I see it I have two options:

    1) Disable the OLD policy and delete the profiles for everybody, which is not ideal at all.

    2) Find the setting in IE that is slowing things down and revert it so that everybody gets the new change and the tattoo'd setting is reversed.

    Any ideas?  Site is in the trusted sites zone.

    If its worth doing, its worth doing right. Just try getting the CFO to pay for that though...

    Thursday, October 27, 2016 7:22 PM

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  • I would definitely start by running the site in compatibility mode.

    Tools>Compatibility View Settings>Add this website

    If it becomes a larger issue with a domain use this reference.


    As far as old policies, I would delete any profiles. Create a new GPO and write a script to fix the old registry entries manipulated by the old GPO's.

    Thursday, October 27, 2016 7:38 PM
  • Hi,

    the site is designed for IE11... it has an x-ua meta for IE=Edge and correctly renders in IE11 mode without any HTML or scripting errors. There is no need to place the domain in your IE User Compatibility view lists.

    IE differs from webkit and gecko browsers in two aspects..... Security zone model and the Addons model....

    First to test the Addons issue try running IE in InPrivate Mode where by default IE's Addons are disabled.....Tools>InPrivate Browsing....

    If the landing and verification pages load faster in InPrivate mode then it is one of your Addons that is slowing it down... The site is using google analytics, so it may be the actual google toolbar itself... (aside: there is no google site verification meta, why a website places google analyitics or urchins on https login pages is beyond me. You may like to turn on IE's tracking protection (Tools>Tracking Protection) to stop unwanted usage monitoring by third parties)

    To review your Addons performance go Tools>Manage Addons>Show all addons and sort the list by load time... you can disable addons from the IE addons manager or by removing them completely from the Programs and features control panel.

    Since the issue disappears on another userProfile, it is highly likely that the above is the cause.

    the login form submit has a 302 redirect.


    1. File>Properties to determine which IE security zone the domain is mapped to... expected Internet

    . If it is mapped to the Trusted sites zone, check if its listed in Internet Options>Security tab, Trusted Zone>Sites button....

    If it is not listed there (but File>Properties shows that it is indeed mapped to the Trusted Sites list) then it is being mapped by the GPO Security templates (which don't appear in the client lists and are not editable from the client Internet Options) You should remove it from the GPO templates and the flush the GPO profile.

    (Note:you should have * listed NOT, but it is better not to list public access websites in the Trusted zone....)

    The site is using google analytics (on the login page!) , which is blocked by IE's tracking protection, so possibly also you may have placed *.googol/el in one of IE's security zones also....

    Generally public access websites should not be placed in IE's Trusted sites list (unless specifically specified by the site that you trust)... the security settings are actually less strict in the Trusted zone... eg. Unsigned ActiveX controls are allowed...

    You may like  to review your IE Security zone lists and remove any public access websites from your IE security zone lists.... https (secure protocol) works just as well (that is your information is encrypted) in any IE security zone. The 'require https' checkbox on the Trusted sites tab in Internet Options is an additional security requirement because the security settings in that zone are less than the Internet zone.

    Your issue is a LATENCY issue..... that is the website appears to load slower in one browser than in another. or it varies in the time it takes to load and render the webpage..

    The general method for resolving latency issues (in this case redirects) is to use the Networking tab of the IE dev tool.

    f12>Networking tab, click the start button then (!important) without closing the dev tool return to the browser and enter your login credentials... return to the dev tool's networking tab and the timings will be listed for each resource request and response.

    With invalid credentials it takes 2.5 seconds to return the "Invalid credentials page" on my machine half way around the world from their site.... (quite reasonable and expected)

    Item Type Initater Name Duration
    [0] navigation document 2.175277
    [1] resource script 0.561435
    [2] resource img 0.301255

    Total: 3.037966 secs

    Note: in the above requests you can see that they are redirected to, so it is very important if you MUST place their domain in your Trusted sites list that you use the * notation eg. * as IE has security zone settings preventing navigation into zones of lower integrity....

    The most probable cause of your observed lag is one of your Addons. IF you don't have any addons installed then it is the way that you are mapping their domain to your IE security zones.



    For tracking protection lists please visit and install

    Stop Google Trackin

    As described in this blog post, Google is currently circumventing the privacy preferences of Internet Explorer users. By default, IE blocks third-party cookies unless the site presents a P3P Compact Policy Statement indicating how the site will use the cookie and that the site’s use does not include tracking the user. Google’s P3P policy causes Internet Explorer to accept Google’s cookies even though the policy does not state Google’s intent.

    Friday, October 28, 2016 3:16 AM