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    Hey Guys


    I'm a bit of a newbie to MOSS 2007 and I'm currently attempting to develop a portal for access to internal resources i.e. existing windows files shares from an extranet (external network)


    Basically the scope is this:


    1. We are an educational environment and our students would like to access their personal files located on the host file/print server from their personal devices...

    2. We don't want to plug their unmanaged possibly virus loaded laptops etc into our production network therefore I have created an isolated network segment with a MOSS 2007 farm to use as a portal to the internal resources.

    3. I'm attempting to use the web part "Page Viewer" with the folder option to achieve this. But it would appear on initial testing that the client computer still needs to be able to access that location directly via port 445 for a standard SMB connection.

    4. Our perfect solution would be to provide access to these folder locations over port 80 (if possible)


    I have created a basic deployment of MOSS 2007 in the Farm type of model using the one sever as a combination SQL database server and all other share point services. I don't see this being a limitation for development as everything else seems to be working fine.


    The following services are running on the only server in the farm which is configured as a Single Server for Small server farms:


    Document Conversions Launcher Service    Started

    Document Conversions Load Balancer Service   Started

    Office SharePoint Server Search   Started

    Windows SharePoint Services Help Search   Started

    Windows SharePoint Services Web Application   Started


    All the services are running under the one domain account not too sure if this is a problem but since I'm not using Kerberos authentication I don't see it being one...


    I do have separate accounts for the service account and content access account and the search database uses windows authentication...


    The default SSP I have created uses NTLM authentication and is configured to use the same service account that the Search services are using, once again I can't see how this would change the way the above web part would connect to the SMB shares.


    I have absolutely no idea how to fix this issue?


    If I login to the portal from a computer already connected to the domain the portal and web part works fine.  But if I connect to the portal via a computer that is locally authenticated but unauthenticated to the domain then it doesn't work just gives me a DNS error in the web part box. If I then authentication to the server through explorer as any account with access the web part will work? The security will even be correct for the user that authenticated to the portal?


    Do I have to change to Kerberos to fix this issue or maybe forms authentication? Or am I going about this in absolutely the wrong way?


    Any information or help, hints people could provide would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks in advance


    Ben Langford




    Tuesday, December 18, 2007 2:55 AM