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  • I am perplexed. My HP Slimline PC had to have a motherboard replacement and Windows Vista Premium reinstalled (HP did it). All is working great, with the exception of one minor annoyance. When I bring up the Control Panel it always comes up with the Category View (Control Panel Home) as the initial display. I have to change it to the Classic View every time. When I bring up Control Panel the next time, and the next time (you get the picture), it always starts with the Category View again. I never had this problem with Vista on any other PC (or mine, before the MB replacement). I have been on the Microsoft forums, and nobody has a solution. Note that the Control Panel does not play in the world of normal folder view settings, so there are no configurations to change to make this default work correctly. I also had a person give me a registry tweak that forces the Classic View to be the default. However, it still behaves the same way. That is, it will come up with the Category View, however with no icons identified, and I still have to change it to the Classic View. Anybody got any ideas? It is a small thing, but I hate the annoyance if it can be resolved. Thanks in advance!
    Thursday, January 3, 2008 4:38 PM

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  • Is HP default to keep the user profile?


    I give you one way, but after you do that, you maybe can't use Vista theme until you recover Windows


    The way is you go to Your Hard disk:\Windows\Resources\Themes'


    Delete aero.theme and Aero folder


    I recommend you backup these 2 files before you delete

    Friday, January 4, 2008 8:35 AM
  • I had this very exact problem.  Had researched for a month and hadn't found a solution.  But by accident I solved the problem. Here is what I think I did and now the classic view remains on.
    Keep in mind when I did this I was not specifically trying to solve the annoyance.
    Here goes:
    1) Have control panel shortcut showing on the desktop.  At the time my icon was located at the bottom left.
    2) I also had a shortcut showing in the quickl aunch bar.
    3) I opened the control panel and of course it open in the Category View.
    4) I changed it to the Classic View.  When I did this the desktop icon "jumped" to the top of my desktop.  I had noticed this before when I would change from Category to Classic.
    5) When I would now close and open the desktop icon it would open in the Classic View
    6) So I deleted the quick launch control panel icon(Category View) and replaced it with the Classic View icon that now was at the top of my desktop.  Now the Classic View opens by default.

    Now I realize that positioning of the destop icon has nothing to do with the change but I included that info to show that the desktop icon changed behavior and function.
    Also other variables that I don't remember which way they where set are: themes and folder properties.
    Now that the control panel shortcut is retaining the Classic View it makes no difference whether I use Vista or Classic properties.
    Maybe this will work for you.

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008 5:07 PM
  • email me at

    sciguy122@cfl.rr.com and I'll send you info how I accidently solved this annoyance.  I tried to post it but evidently it didn't post.

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008 5:20 PM