How to uninstall software that doesn't have uninstall.exe or an .msi in the install folder? RRS feed

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  • I can uninstall the software fine by using the add/remove programs, but since we have several hundred computers I would like to script this. I am using Windows 7 Pro, and have tried with powershell version 2 & 3. The commands that I tried on version 3 are:

    $application get-ciminstance win32_product -filter "name like '%softwarename%'"


    It appears to work, I can see the object in $application before running the second command. After running the second command the object is gone, should have worked. But when I look in add/remove programs, it is still listed and the install folder is still there. Not sure what it actually did.

    After that I tried to uninstall using "wmic" commands manually. Same problem, it thinks it uninstalled, but still in Add/Remove programs.

    Any suggestions about what to try next?

    Friday, December 20, 2013 10:17 PM


  • For that you have to ask the vendor of the software why it won't uninstall.  There s functionally nothing different when using WMI or MS to uninstall.

    You  can also use MSI and ask for a log then look at the log file. 

    Call the vendor.


    Friday, December 20, 2013 10:28 PM