How can I import an Excel document into a sharepoint calendar list that can then be viewed through outlook calendar RRS feed

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  • I have got a years worth of data (a full school years calendar events) on an Excel spreadsheet which needs to be uploaded to sharepoint in order to create a calendar list allowing everyone in the school to view all school events for the next year but then I want to use the 'actions > export to outlook' setting so that certain users can also have this data displayed within their outlook calendar.

    I initially used the import a spreadsheet option only to find it will import the data and create the calendar view but this isn't a true calendar and doesn't provide me with the export to outlook feature within the settings option.

    After reading many threads I have tried to export to Access and then import the data this was as  a csv files, the data does import but Access then asks me where I want to save the access database within my sharepoint site but when I click save it tells me that it isn't able to save to that location.

    I have seen lots of ways to import data and then use the calendar view but after this I also want to export to outlook and an actual calendar is under the tracking heading on sharepoint as opposed to a list and it doesn't let you import spreadsheet in this way.

    Could anybody help please?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello,

    What is your sharepoint version? (Unfortunately i don't have 2007 so tried below steps in SP 2010 and works)

    If i understood you correctly, you want to import excel data to calendar list then connect that calendar list with outlook.

    You need to first create calendar list then select "All events" view from list. Now click open with access and copy paste excel data in access sheet and save to site again.

    Now later click on connect with outlook to integrate this calendar list with outlook.  This should work.

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  • Hi, my sharepoint version is 2007.

    The overall goal is to be able to have the school calendar (currently on an excel spreadsheet) viewed within outlook's calendar tab itself.

    Previously I just used the 'import from spreadsheet' function thinking I could then use the calendar view and achieve the same goal. It was only after doing this that I noticed the 'connect to outlook' option wasn't appearing under settings.

    I then realised that it was only displaying the data in a calendar 'view' rather than a true calendar and instead I have to select 'calendar' from tracking instead.

    From looking around at options there doesn't seem to be a standard / obvious way of achieving this when you already have the data (as opposed to manually inputting each date in the calendar one by one). I have even look at doing this through Google Calendar as I have seen this can also be linked to sharepoint and / or imported in via the content editor web part options?



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