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  • In our company, we have IAG server (Whale) for SSO that all of the requests will send to IAG and IAG will redirect to IIS and returns to the client. This year, we introduced a new component - Infragistics ASP.NET controls (WebDataGrid) for our new web project. This component has a lot of functions developed by JavaScript. So the browser will download the JavaScript files on client side to Cache them when first time loads the page. But we felt the page is very slow to load and PostBack.


    After we're monitored the request by Http Watch tool, and found there are more than 20 JavaScript files will be Cached on client side for that component. But every time, the browser still send the requests to the server to try to get the JavaScript files which already Cache on the client side. IAG always return 302 and aborted the request and redirect the url to the client side. This is the reason why is so slow. If we bypassed IAG and accessed the application from IIS, it's 10 times faster than IAG. The request will get the JavaScript files from Cache, there isn't request to IAG.


    So is there any solution we can use, and it's a normal process in IAG?


    Client (cache) -> IAG (redirect) -> IIS (.NET 4.0, IIS 7.0)-> App

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