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  • I've stumbled across a font tuner for IE9. It's not quite as user friendly as the one for firefox but it does help a lot for the IE9 fonts and it's much better than the dwrite wrapper out there.

    you can download it here:

    Japanese Instructions here:

    there's no english instructions but it's simple enough to use. if need be you can use google translate to translate the site into english. also the settings file you will be adjusting is already in english.

    Simple instructions:
    -install IE9
    -extract the tuner
    -rightclick install.bat and run as administrator
    -start IE9 and make sure the add on is enabled
    -you can adjust settings in the aatie.ini file
    *im not sure if you have to uninstall and reinstall the add on every time you make changes to the ini. i've been doing it that way just to be sure.

    Here's some examples i made:

    Internet Explorer 8

    Internet Explorer 9 (yuck!)

    Internet Explorer 9 (default tuner settings)

    Internet Explorer 9 (Aliased fonts)

    Oh and these pictures were all done with out the KB2545698 font hotfix. I found the hot fix didnt help with IE9 but i havent tried it with the tuner.

    As you can see the last picture is almost like IE8. There's a couple things that need adjusting but it's close. Maybe someone can figure out the correct settings to make it look exactly like IE8.

    EDIT:  Hopefully microsoft will fix the problem with a browser update but until then this will do. Feel free to spread the word that there finally is a font tuner for IE9!

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011 12:27 PM