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  • I have two things going with IE9+, both related to downloads. I'll mention the problem first.

    IE9+ apparently downloads similar to how FireFox downloads, in that it downloads straight to the location that you're looking to save the file, but as a '.part' file (or something along that line) until it's finished, at which point, it renames the file and completes the download. The problem I've been having since IE9 came out and still see with IE11 is with downloading to my 'special folders' (Downloads, Favorites, etc) which are redirected to a network location. Downloads using IE9+ will randomly fail for no apparent reason - except the download didn't actually fail - It'll get the whole download, then for whatever reason, be unable to rename it (I Assume) because the '.part' file is there and complete, and removing everything after the proper extension results in a proper and fully functional file. As much as I dislike Firefox, I've never had anything even close happen downloading to the same locations. Any thoughts as to why one download will 'fail' but another to the same place will be fine, and Firefox has never had this issue?


    My other issue is with the download prompts. When downloading zip files, I get the prompt inserted below. Pretty much everything else prompts using a stupid bar along the bottom of the page - I LOATHE that stupid bar. How can I make *everything* prompt the same way I get prompted for zip files? Since it obviously works **RIGHT** for zip files, there has got to be a way to make it work the same for all file types. This issue along with the random 'failures' above are why I absolutely REFUSE to downgrade from IE8 to 9+ on any machine that I have a choice on, and use FireFox under protest everywhere else. IE8 was the last decent IE Browser.

    Anyone have any thoughts?


    Tuesday, December 2, 2014 10:29 PM

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  • Why is it these forums (or someone on them) marks things as answers that are not answers? The issue with the download prompts and the worthless 'Download Manager' built in to 'IE9+ are behaving 'As Intended', but 'As Intended' SUCKS. It's garbage. IE 8 was the last decent browser from Microsoft.

    As for the issue with the downloads 'failing', I didn't see anything that would explain why the stupid 'Download Manager' would completely download the file, but then not rename it and say it failed - and ONLY to network locations that IE8 and Firefox have NEVER had ANY issues with downloading to. Period.

    As much as I dislike Firefox based on previous issues with it, it's still better than IE9+.

    Tuesday, December 23, 2014 8:22 PM
  • Hi Davek,

    “The issue with the download prompts and the worthless 'Download Manager' built in to 'IE9+ are behaving 'As Intended'”

    Do you mean you don`t want the download prompts and wish the files will be opened directly in IE 9 as it acts in IE 8, right?

    Someone has made it by creating a registry key.

    Please back up your registry before you make a modification to the registry.
    Here is link for reference (Please pay attention to NavinB`s response):
    IE9 : Do you want to Open or Save this file prompt

    Here is a another link for reference:
    Remove Internet Explorer Open or Save Popup

    NOTE: This response contains a reference to a third party World Wide Web site. Microsoft is providing this information as a convenience to you. Microsoft does not control these sites and has not tested any software or information found on these sites.

    “As for the issue with the downloads 'failing'”
    Please check the first link as IECustomizer posted , the information in that link seems to have explained something for us. Especially pay attention to the “Compression-Related Trivia” part.

    Best regards

    Tuesday, December 30, 2014 2:20 AM
  • No, I don't want files to 'auto open' - I want the file download behavior in IE9+ to be ***///EXACTLY\\\*** like it was in IE8 and before - When I go to downlaod a file - ANY file - I want to get the SAME 'File Download' box I got in IE8 that has 'Run', 'Save' and 'Cancel' as options. When I click 'Save', I want it to ask where I want to save the file. I want that garbage 'Download Manager' GONE so that when I download files, they are downloaded to a temporary location and then moved to the desired location, not downloaded to 'partial' files, then at the end of the successful download, decide that the download 'failed' and not rename the partial file, meanwhile, the file downloaded 100% and manually renaming it works ever single time. The IE 'Download manager' is ABSOLUTE JUNK!!!! In IE8, the only times I ever had downloads fail was when there was a legitimate communication issue with the server that the file was being downloaded from. With the IE9+ Download mangler, it's maybe a 50% success rate (by 50% success rate, I mean maybe 50% of the time the file downloads and is actually renamed from the 'partial' name to its actual name, the other 50% I have to manually intervene and rename it becuase it claims the download failed, when in fact the download mangler is what actually failed).

    Prior to IE9, I never used any browser other than IE after Firefox kept screwing up quite a number of years ago, eating 100% of my memory and CPU if any windows were left open. IE8 was a great browser, and unless someone added junkware like Google toolbar, it was rock solid. IE9, IE10 & IE11 ABSOLUTLEY SUCK. I will not 'upgrade' to any of them I am keeping IE8. Since IE8 doesn't support some of the newer web content, I have been forced to use an alternate browser - Unfortunatley, Firefox has been my pick. Chrome and Safari suck far worse than Firefox, right up there with IE9+.

    Sunday, February 8, 2015 1:20 AM