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  • Hi Guys,

    Running client 4.6 SP2 on XenApp 6 on 2008 R2 with Sp1. Basically, my application estate is pretty static. Currently deploy applications that are sequenced by publishing an application in Citrix with the following command line example:

    • sfttray \\unc to share\content\app\app.osd

    This basically allows me to make changes to the .OSDs on the fly without having to do anything client side. our .OSD files generally launch scripts hence the reason for doing this. Basically, I had an issue where the App-V management server stopped accepting connections on port 554. All our .OSD files tell the client to look for the .SFT files on this port and hence we could not launch anything. Thing is, I pre-cache all these .SFT packages client side when the client boots up (which is every day). IS there any way to run the client and launch the applications without contacting the App-V management server ? Accessing the UNC to the OSD file is fine as this is outside of App-V and a pure CIFS access which was fine. It appears to me that the client checks back for newer versions of the .SFT and checks against what's in the cache. Thing is, i don't really need the client to do that as I ensure the cache is up to date with a server startup/scheduled scripts which runs and does the same.

    Any ideas?

    Wednesday, March 27, 2013 9:21 AM


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