CPU is suddenly always running at 90-100%


  • Hello guys, for the past few days I've been experiencing this problem...CPU will suddenly run at 100% even though there is no running application to make it that high. After looking at the Task Manager, it shows that it was the SERVICE HOST: LOCAL SERVICE (No Impersonation), before it was (7), now its (5). After looking at the internet for solution, somebody says that it is a windows maintenance, and I just have to wait for it to finish and He's right..But it does comes back again and again everyday.

    What I discover is that when I change my laptop's power option from Balance to Power Saver, it does sometimes cause it to cool down sometimes not. I always set my laptop at Balance, when going afk I turn it to Power Saver.

    Laptop spec:
    OS: win 8.1 64bit (6.3, Build 9600)
    System Manufacturer: Micro-star International Co.,Ltd.
    BIOS: E16F4IMS.506

    Hope that somebody can help..Thanks!
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