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  • Hello there, We will be setting up a new DPM 2016 setup to backup our 2016 Hyper-V Cluster.  In the past we had setup DPM on a Physical server and connect it to direct attached Dell Powervault storage and it was a simple setup that worked.  With our new DPM server setup we are considering virtualizing DPM on this single server using 2016 Standard.  This would basically be the only VM hosted on the server.  The new server, host would connect directly to a Dell PowerVault MD1400 80TB of storage.

    I have read the article How to reduce DPM storage article which sounds very interesting to save additional space.   If I understand this correctly we would configure the raid card Perc8 H830 to run in non-raid mode and not configure the drives in the MD1440 to run in raid, instead jbod.  Is this correct?  At this point we are not using any of the hardware raid built into the MD1400 or H830.

    In this scenario would I require Storage spaces?  Obviously I need to do more research to better understand this scenario.  Any opinions on the best route to go with our new hardware would be appreciated.

    Would this approach work? since the Perc8 and MD1440 are designed for hardware raid would be to use the hardware raid and create 1 large raid 5 from the MD1440 and create the 1TB-VHDX files from this taking advantage of the hardware raid?

    More details about the hardware.

    Our current production Hyper-V uses it's own set of servers and Compellent Storage ISCSI.

    We have an extra new server Poweredge R630 20 cores, 64GB of ram that would be used for DPM.  This could either be a host a virtual DPM or installed directly.  This server also would connect to the direct attached storage MD1440.  

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  • Curious if you ever figured this out.. we are about to do the same thing.. i cant seem to get any responses to my question on here hardware wise either.

    Basically similar deal though all direct attached on our old server .. backed up 10TB over 30 days required a 30TB size array on the old 2012..

    I guess the 2016 modern storage + refs requires storage spaces but i'm wondering on redundancy as well.

    I was figuring on (before thinking storage spaces) using raid 6, 6TB x 7 plus mirror OS 1TBx2.. sas 12Gb drives.. the old one is maybe 4 partitions of raid6 and sataII, so i would think sas 12gb should be a step up though raid6 isnt the best.

    What raid was your old one?

    Wondering how storage spaces handles the failures.. and if it is in fact just jbod 

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  • If you have a hardware raid controller use that to define your storage, it will be faster than Modern Storage handling the RAID calculations. Make a VD in your HBA configuration interface with whatever RAID level you desire. Your HBA management software probably has better subsystem notification too. Then open the Disk management MMC, create a simple volume on your new disk and do not format it. Launch DPM admin console | Management | Disk Storage. Click Rescan then click Add and you should see your volume listed there. DPM will format it an Viola! you're done.


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  • Does anyone also know if its possible to have DPM 2016 clients and 2012 R2's in the same environment  (testing 2016 prior to disabling the old box)?

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