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  • Hi All,

    I have a custom function which I am using to export some data into a CSV format, this is because some of my hosts are running PS v1 and version 2, so the script has to be backward compatible, the issue I have is that using the native out-file makes it difficult to export onto a text file that can be easily imported onto a database.

    SO I found this custom function which does exactly what I want it to do, its just that when the code is copied & pasted onto a PS console screen, it fails to see the function, almost like it wasn't declared, if the file is however saved locally and executed, it works just fine.

    The error is

    The term 'CustomExport-CSV' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check th
    e spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.
    At line:1 char:24
    +     $t  |  CustomExport-CSV <<<<   -Path $host_file -Append -Delimiter '|'  -NoTypeInformation
        + CategoryInfo          : ObjectNotFound: (CustomExport-CSV:String) [], CommandNotFoundException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

    #Requires -Version 2.0
      This Export-CSV behaves exactly like native Export-CSV
      However it has one optional switch -Append
      Which lets you append new data to existing CSV file: e.g.
      Get-Process | Select ProcessName, CPU | Export-CSV processes.csv -Append
      For details, see
      (c) Dmitry Sotnikov  
    Get-Process | Export-Csv -Path 'c:\Temp\processes.csv' -Append -Delimiter ';'
    function CustomExport-CSV {
      SupportsShouldProcess=$true, ConfirmImpact='Medium')]
     [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, ValueFromPipeline=$true,
     [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position=0)]
     #region -Append (added by Dmitry Sotnikov)
     [Parameter(ParameterSetName='Delimiter', Position=1)]
     # This variable will tell us whether we actually need to append
     # to existing file
     $AppendMode = $false
     try {
      $outBuffer = $null
      if ($PSBoundParameters.TryGetValue('OutBuffer', [ref]$outBuffer))
          $PSBoundParameters['OutBuffer'] = 1
      $wrappedCmd = $ExecutionContext.InvokeCommand.GetCommand('Export-Csv',
     #String variable to become the target command line
     $scriptCmdPipeline = ''
     # Add new parameter handling
     #region Dmitry: Process and remove the Append parameter if it is present
     if ($Append) {
      $PSBoundParameters.Remove('Append') | Out-Null
      if ($Path) {
       if (Test-Path $Path) {        
        # Need to construct new command line
        $AppendMode = $true
        if ($Encoding.Length -eq 0) {
         # ASCII is default encoding for Export-CSV
         $Encoding = 'ASCII'
        # For Append we use ConvertTo-CSV instead of Export
        $scriptCmdPipeline += 'ConvertTo-Csv -NoTypeInformation '
        # Inherit other CSV convertion parameters
        if ( $UseCulture ) {
         $scriptCmdPipeline += ' -UseCulture '
        if ( $Delimiter ) {
         $scriptCmdPipeline += " -Delimiter '$Delimiter' "
        # Skip the first line (the one with the property names) 
    #    $scriptCmdPipeline += ' | Foreach-Object {$start=$true}'
    #    $scriptCmdPipeline += '{if ($start) {$start=$false} else {$_}} '
        # Add file output
        $scriptCmdPipeline += " | Out-File -FilePath '$Path'"
        $scriptCmdPipeline += " -Encoding '$Encoding' -Append "
        if ($Force) {
         $scriptCmdPipeline += ' -Force'
        if ($NoClobber) {
         $scriptCmdPipeline += ' -NoClobber'
     $scriptCmd = {& $wrappedCmd @PSBoundParameters }
     if ( $AppendMode ) {
      # redefine command line
      $scriptCmd = $ExecutionContext.InvokeCommand.NewScriptBlock(
     } else {
      # execute Export-CSV as we got it because
      # either -Append is missing or file does not exist
      $scriptCmd = $ExecutionContext.InvokeCommand.NewScriptBlock(
     # standard pipeline initialization
     $steppablePipeline = $scriptCmd.GetSteppablePipeline(
     } catch {
      try {
      } catch {
      try {
      } catch {
    .ForwardHelpTargetName Export-Csv
    .ForwardHelpCategory Cmdlet

    Wednesday, April 18, 2018 10:47 AM

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  • "Export-Csv" is a PS V2 CmdLet.  There is no need for a replacement function.


    Wednesday, April 18, 2018 10:56 AM
  • PowerShell V2 does not support the syntax of your function so it will not work in V2 or earlier.

    PowerShell V2 has been declared a security risk and is no longer supported.  Microsoft has posted that V2 should be removed from all systems.  Either upgrade or remove V2.  All current systems can run V3 or later.  V5.1 is recommended.


    Wednesday, April 18, 2018 11:03 AM