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  • I have a blank Excel file that pulls in a dozen other Excel files, then massages the data and columns with PQ so it can be merged into one file. I currently have users make copies of the supplied originals and rename the files into a specific folder so the source paths stay the same.

    There will be cases however in which there will be less than 12 files, but the merge still needs to happen with say, just 4 files for example. Is there a way to 'ignore' or 'skip' sources if they aren't there and avoid any errors?

    Tuesday, March 26, 2019 8:23 PM


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  • Hi there. Have you tried using the Folder data source and then combining the files?


    Tuesday, March 26, 2019 11:21 PM
  • Hi Ehren, thanks for your response.

    I currently have these set up as Excel File Sources in the main file because it has one different query for each file - 12 different queries. I didn't see a way to do this with Folder as source.

    I actually found that when I was doing a Get Data | Combine Queries | Append, I can select only the tables that exist in the folder. Even if I select all of them by mistake, I get a 'doesn't exist' error and when I go back to the Append dialog the missing tables (files) are gone and I can complete the append to get the final file.

    Wednesday, March 27, 2019 5:24 PM
  • Hi there. I'd definitely recommend that you look into using the Folder data source. Here's an example of how it works:

    EDIT: I just realized the original link I posted was showing an older version of the combine experience. Here's an updated link:



    Wednesday, March 27, 2019 5:32 PM
  • Thanks!
    Thursday, March 28, 2019 2:20 PM