SharePoint Online Performance/Caching Issues


  • We have designed our intranet using SharePoint Online (Office E4 License) and shall be hosting it soon. During testing, I am noticing some caching and performance issues. Such issues are generally encountered when using Content Search Web Parts or Display Templates that display news articles (pages) that users upload on sites. Today I uploaded an article page and took a few hours before it appeared on the Home Page. Sometime it only takes less than 15 min. With Content Search Web Part many times we see data not being refreshed.

    In SharePoint on premise, we have full control on the architecture. We can add more Web Servers, RAM if need be. But in SharePoint Online, Microsoft is responsible for most administration.

    Wondering what can we do on our part to enhance performance? What has your experience been with SharePoint Online? Is caching different in SharePoint Online?

    Thanks so much!


    Friday, February 12, 2016 2:44 AM


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