Direct Access Connectivity Assistant Not Working


  • We are using Server 2012 with Direct Access and I am testing this on Win 7 Clients with Ver 2 of the Connectivity Assistant running.

    If the laptop is connected to the local LAN the DA connectivity assistant says there is sucessfull connection ( is this correct if connected to local LAN ? )

    If the laptop is connected off the network say at home or via 3G card, then it sas "Corporate Connectivity is not working" when it is working.

    On the server i have "Network Connectivity Assistant" settings set as HTTP and the full FQDN of an internal intranet server as a test. 

    From the laptop when off network and connected via DA i can connect to this intranet site ok, and others, either via the name or via the FQDN.

    If i try to ping the same site or other server, it resolves the host to the FQDN correct, and displays a IP 6 address but always with "Request Timed Out" should i be able to ping hosts on the network ? via the 6to4 translation technology DA uses ?


    Friday, July 19, 2013 8:32 AM