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  • I am having this issue for the past few days. Whenever i play games on my PC, the cpu usage of system process suddenly increases slowing down the game. I disabled some of my hardware to check if this issue has sumthingto do wth harware. But all in vain. this problem persists untill i restart the pc. When i play music and do stuff other than gaming, it behaves like normal...PLEASE HELP :(

    PC config~intel e5400, 2GB ram,500 GB HDD, nvidia 9400gt 

    Tuesday, May 15, 2012 8:39 PM


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  • To find and display what could be the problem try Process Explorer:
    SysInternals Forums: http://forum.sysinternals.com/

    Worth Reading: The Case of the System Process CPU Spikes

    Once you have Process Explorer installed and running:
    In the taskbar select View and check:
    'Show Process Tree' and the 'Show Lower Pane' options.
    Move your mouse cursor over any column in the right hand pane and
    right click and check the following boxes:
    'Command Line' and 'Version'.
    Then expand the process named 'Explorer' (click on the + sign)
    In the column on the left named 'CPU', look for any high CPU usage.
    Next click on the CPU column to sort the processes by %CPU usage
    (Highest to Lowest).

    You can also mouse over and check any spike or high/low point in the CPU graph.

    Move the mouse cursor over any process,
    you should see a popup with some detailed info.
    Then mouse over the process that's using most or all the CPU %.
    Then click on that process to highlight it,
    Now that  it's highlighted, right click and from the options listed select:
    'Search Online'.
    This should display what out there on the web about that process.
    You can also double click on any process to open up a more detailed
    'Properties' window.
    Note: some entries like Explorer, System/Services, and Svchost
    may need to be expanded to show the detail (sub processes),
    in this case click on the + located to the left of the entry.

    An alternate method when using Process Explorer
    is to double click on the Graph just below the Menu bar.
    This will open the 'System Information' window, which has a larger display
    of all three graphs. Move your mouse over any spike in the
    CPU Usage graph to see what process/application or service is the cause
    of the spike.

    Another tool available is: RAMMap


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    Wednesday, May 16, 2012 12:25 AM
  • Thanks for your reply sir..I did what you saud. It's Hardware interrupts and DPCs and ACPI.sys+0x15c80 wth 34% and 44% CPU utlization respectively. 
    Wednesday, May 16, 2012 5:40 AM
  • Hi,

    You can use resource monitor to monitor the process. If the issue is caused by the game, you need to contact the game support or consider to upgrade your hardware.


    Niki Han

    TechNet Community Support

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