Exchange Set Valid/Business Emailing Times?


  • Is there a way to set times for Exchange to release emails?

    I hope I am asking the correct question, normally I would have people set delivery times but that doesn't work for the mail app or anyone using a phone. My small company wants to basically not allow or let anyone email anyone using the company email after 5pm until 7am the next morning.

    Setting business hours as 7am to 5pm and not letting anyone email outside of that time frame. I have already dug all over exchange and do not see any kind of functionality to do that. 

    Anyone have any thoughts?

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  • I've discovered in the 20+ years of doing Exchange peer support that people will ask for the strangest things.

    I don't know of any way to do this in Exchange.  Perhaps you can check with your firewall guy to see if he can block outbound TCP port 25 during the non-office hours.

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