What happens if you duplicate a project synchronized with TFS through 'Save as' from Project Professional? RRS feed

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  • I couldn't find an answer to this question in either MSDN, Technet or the whole internet. If it has been answered somewhere, please let me know.

    We've successfully installed and configured the integration between Project Server 2010 and TFS 2012. We're about to go live in the production environment and I don't want to experiment with the following scenario and hope others have already tried it and can share their experiences.

    1. Project Professional: create a project and save/publish it to Project Server
    2. PPro: Close
    3. TFS admin command prompt: link the project to a team project in TFS
    4. PPro: add a bunch of tasks and make 'm synchronize with TFS.
    5. PPro: Save/publish to Project Server/Close
    6. PPro: open the project and notice the Work item id's in TFS, added to the project tasks.
    7. PPro: Close
    8. Because existing project schedules are often used as the starting point for a new project, my customer would like to Save this project with a new name on Project Server
    9. PPro: open the project
    10. PPro: Save As with a new name
    11. PPro: publish and  close
    12. TFS admin command prompt: link the project to *the same* team project in TFS
    13. PPro: open the new project, publish and close

    Will new work items be created in TFS, synchronizing with this new project? Or will the existing work items now be synchronized from the new project (of both)?



    Tuesday, September 17, 2013 2:55 PM