Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Google Chrome not populating popups working correctly with pop ups.


  • If incorrect forum, just alert and move.  I am having an issue with hosted Microsoft Dynamics 2013 and Google Chrome latest release, 31.   This just started with the hosted version of Dynamics CRM 2013, Chrome had been working correctly with our earlier version of CRM.

    When users on latest version of Chrome, 31, login to Dynamics CRM 2013, everything looks fine.  Issue is specifically, for sales folks, when they open a client record, and where the client info is located, there is a standard date and time and tiny little calendar you can pull up if you click on it.  When the user clicks on the tiny little calendar, they DO get a pop up, but the pop up is blank.  And, there is no error message at all.  Nothing freezes, nothing bad happens at all, except for the salesperson, who live and die by their calendars and ability to schedule appointments and see exiting appointments.

    This is not some in house coding issue.  It is a generic CRM phone call record that has this issue. 

    Again, no errors, nothing crashes, but Dynamics CRM 2013 is useless to Google Chrome users in house because of this. Which, in a support position, is terrible.  Users who got an upgrade, have their favorite interface rendered useless.  And these are sales folks.  And, I did all settings according to what I was able to find for CRM 2010 and Chrome, for when pop ups do not work, and all settings were already correct for pop ups, website is in trusted sites, etc, which is what I expected, since everything worked on CRM 2010.

    Any clues or ideas? Thank You.


    Friday, January 10, 2014 10:11 PM


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