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  • We've been using DPM 2010 for the past year on a pilot basis, during which we did not have a spare tape drive. Three days ago we made the switch from Netbackup to DPM based on just how good it was at the Microsoft application integration level, but this introduced us to worlds of pain that, frankly, defied belief a little bit.

    I'll list our pain points in a moment, but what I'm wondering from the masses braving the Beta is, what was your biggest pain point(s) with DPM2010 and has 2012 addressed any or all of these?


    Our pain points with DPM 2010:

    • Lack of diagnostic options: we had multiple invalid library IDs in the database that led to cascading faults, which in turn caused crashes, yet there was absolutely nothing in the UI or Powershell (where we really would have expected it) to diagnose or remediate the issues.
    • Manual backup-to-tape option (note, not plural) is too primitive. In our case, all our protection groups have different short term disk goals, but exactly the same long term tape goals, in which case having to sit around all day baby-sitting manually kicking off the next protection group because you aren't permitted to span protection groups in an ad-hoc tape backup is borderline insane - at least on occasions like end of year, which is what's happening right now. I should clarify and say the sitting around is required if only if you're using media co-location, but I'd also expect everyone up to medium enterprise would be, since it's been the modus operandi for competing products for so long now.
    • With the above in mind, it'd be far more useful if short term and long term retention policies were represented as just that: policy objects (much as you might have in AD) which in turn could be linked to a group of protected nodes - much as protection groups already look like. That would reduce the administrative burden and the capacity for mistakes as just the one policy would be maintained. This is definitely an area where AD has the wood over DPM. Based on the current architecture, it would also allow the entire long term retention group to be backed up at once, instead of sitting around waiting to handle the next protection group.


    Again, the application integration is great, but having just listened to this Technet Edge spiel, I'm a little worried that a great deal of new pie-in-the-sky stuff is coming at the expense of the mundane but necessary having been overlooked.


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  • Hi Lain,

       I work for Symantec. What can we do get you back on NetBackup? I am curious to know where the weakness is in terms of application integration in NetBackup. I am not trying to shift the conversation here, my apologies for the intrusion. I wanted to let you know that we would love an opportunity to make things right.

    Disclaimer: I work for Symantec. Comments are my own.

    Warm regards,


    Twitter: @AbdulRasheed127

    Tuesday, January 3, 2012 7:52 PM
  • Interested as well in DPM 2012 Beta, especially the benefits of SharePoint 2010 and 2007 recovery vs Netbackup.

    Thursday, January 5, 2012 9:45 PM